The 2013 Season is here and has been full of  excitement as new head coach Erik Will has been tuning up this years Whippets. With two scrimmages  under their belt, they are more than ready to take on the traditional season opener against the Madison Rams. Make sure you join the whippets at Madison Comprehensive Field this Friday 8-30-13.

After a good hard fought win against Willard, the Whippets move onto week 7 against the Ontario Warriors. Lets continue to give the team our support as they are prepared to show the warriors that records don't mean squat when your a HUNGRY HOUND!!

With the first three games under their belt the Whippets look to the Sandusky Blue Streaks. A game that is always competitive and high in energy, so make sure you keep this Friday night free and make your way to Cedar Point Stadium @ 7p.m. for a great night of football!

Friday nights Loss to Ontario, as it is with any loss, can be frustrating. There has been much improvement since game 1 and seeing these young men deciding to persevere and not give up is a testament to who they are. Ontario came into week 7 thinking they were gonna roll over some Whippets, what they found was a game that was tough as nails! Keep up the good work and lets make Tiffin cry home to Momma this week!!

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Shelby Whippet Stats

National Rank: 9269
State (OH) Rank: 505
Division Rank:  119 Years of Football 577 Total Wins
387 Total Losses 40 Total Ties 20 NOL Championships

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